Batch Synopsis

Bette Davis (actress); 19th century Child labour; 19th century street traders; Johannes Brahms (Composer); 16th century skilled workers; 18th century portraits including Catherine the Great and Isaac Newton; cartoons of British politicians (Churchill, Lloyd George and Ramsay MacDonald); portraits of English language authors; ottoman leaders; British and French military leaders of 19th century; Kings of France; Roman warfare; mining and engineering in 15th century; Kings and Queens of England; 19th century industry and mining; Otto Von Bismarck; scenes from Victorian life; scenes from Shakespeare's works. 

19th century theatre and drama; daily life 18th-19th century; lighthouses; Roman warfare; water divining; English Tudor period nobles; 19th century astronomy; 16 reformation; the - 20th century classical composers; World war one Generals (French, Italian, American and British); daily life in 19th century; Garibaldi; scientists & astronomers (14th -19th century); WG Grace (cricketer); Kemal Ataturk. 

Werner Von Braun, Science and scientists 16th-20th century; Siamese twins and circus freaks; child labour; American dust bowl and Great depression era; German Hyperinflation; Rise of Nazism; Russian Revolutionary art; Mao Zedong; English Civil War; Early Oil exploration in Russia & America; Jarrow March and unemployment in Britain in 1930's; Blitz on London, World war Two; General Strike in England 1926; World War One, Home front; Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor Franz Josef; poverty in early 20th century; Weimar Republic in Germany; Rise of Hitler; medieval and renaissance medicine; Casablanca (film); Greta Gabo (Actress); Garibaldi; Mussolini; Marconi; Russo-Japanese War. 

Russo-Japanese War; Native Americans; The 1951 Great Exhibition; Sigmund Freud; Bertrand Russell; Pythagoras; The Wright Brothers flight 1903; Dutch, German, French scientists; Mahatma Gandhi; Religion in 18th century; Spanish invasion of the Netherlands; H G Wells; Charles Darwin and Evolution; Child Labour; American History (18th century); The first Telephone; Afghan Wars in 19th century; Pioneers of aviation; air raids in World War One; Bridges and engineering in 18th-19th century; vintage bicycles; polar explorers; mythology; scientists and mathematicians; Hildegard of Bingen; Nostradamus; Bible; The Mahdi. 

The Titanic; Ancient Greece; Medieval cosmology; Pandora; astronomers; Queen Victoria; albert Einstein; Franklin Roosevelt; Medieval metallurgy and mining; astronomy (ancient to 19th century); James Watt; Karl Marx; Gladstone; Bismarck; farming in 18th century; daily life in 18th century; working classes and industry in 19th century; Julius Caesar; Jonan Bach; first television; scientists of 18th-20th century; composers; Dante; Theodore Herzl; early cosmology and astronomy; ancient Egypt; World war Two, Blitz and civil defence; Winston Churchill; Elizabethan England; Queen Elizabeth I of England; Vlad the Impaler; Tagore; Rontgen; Bayeux tapestry.

Charlemagne; Confucius; surrender of General Lee 1965; assassination of Austrian Arch Duke in 1914; crusaders; medieval warfare; Incas; Aztecs; Mayans; earthrise over the moon; battle of Lepanto; explorers; Roman warfare; American civil war; Hiroshima Bomb; Newton; Afghanistan in 19th century; early railway transport; Galileo; Book of Kells; Stalin; Princess Elizabeth (Elizabeth II of England) as a girl; William Shakespeare; Leopold of Belgium; Soviet Propaganda; Koran; Napoleon; European paintings.

Islam; Columbus; Erasmus; Loyola; Lenin; cardinal Richelieu; Louis XIV; King James I; Martin Luther; saints; Mozart; Goethe; Schiller; The Dodo; Jan Huss; Cecil Rhodes; Louis Pasteur; Voltaire; Exploration and explorers; slavery; medieval and renaissance warfare; ancient Greece; ancient Egypt; Russian Revolution; Rasputin; Marshall Foch; Marshall Petain; Robinson Crusoe; bible illustrations.

Slavery; lau Tzu; mahatma Gandhi; Durer drawings; Alexander the Great; King Charles II; Saladin; punishment; Leonardo Da Vinci; Bette Davis; Charles Dickens; Tutankhamen; Marie Curie; Stravinsky; Tchaikovsky; Wagner; Boer War; Titanic disaster; Industrial Revolution; railways; industry in 19th century; Charles Darwin; Enrico Fermi; Faraday; astronomy; Einstein; Biology; science in 19th century; x-rays; geology.

Scientists of 19th century; CERN; particle physics; astrolabe; science before 19th century; Thomas Edison; Galton; Vesalius; anatomy; industry and mining in 19th century; cosmology and philosophy before 19th century; rats and rodents; 18th century farming; alexander Fleming; railways in 19th century; scientists and industrial revolution; Linus Pauling; Industry; factories; vintage Paris scenes; first automobile; henry ford. 

slavery; plantations; animals in 19th century; alchemy; Florence nightingale; nursing; zoetrope; medieval Europe; Toulouse Lautrec; William Turner; executions; napoleon; Napoleonic wars; Caravaggio; Richelieu; renaissance and Italian art; Charles de Gaulle; Napoleon; Impressionist art; Monet; Henri Rousseau; Renoir; Seurat.

German Unification 1870; Twin Trade Towers; Suez War 1956; Weimar republic; Hitler; Mussolini; anti-Semitism; Nazism; holocaust; Ann frank; Hitler youth; Hammurabi; Race segregation USA; Civil Rights; Malcolm X; Martin Luther King; East Germany; Vietnam war; Nefertiti; Tudor England; Victorian England; American highwaymen and cowboys; medieval & renaissance music; cartography & important maps; Mexican history; Brazilian history; native American Indians; Japanese art.

American history; Abraham Lincoln; US Presidents; Roaring Twenties; John Kennedy; George Washington; Soviet Union; Richard Nixon; Chilean history; Modigliani; Monet; Vermeer; Wall Street crash; Tudor art; Japanese emperors; American presidents; John Constable; Pre-Raphaelite art; William turner; Polish history; medieval warfare; Dutch history; ballet russe; costumes; Leon Bakst; Van Gogh.

First world map; prohibition; Suleiman the magnificent; ottoman empire; Japanese art; Korean history; Beethoven; dowager empress of china; satellite photos; world war one propaganda posters; Bayeux tapestry; Norman conquest; American civil war; vintage German cities; crusader wars; arcimoldo; soviet Russian propaganda; William Hogarth; renaissance art; soviet art; world war one; Egypt in 19th century.

German propaganda art; 18thcenttury satirical illustrations; American wars; Al-Qaida terrorists; world war one; propaganda posters 1914-18 war; astronomy (modern images); Russian art; polish history; Russian history; Romanovs; Mayan; Aztec; Inca; Italian renaissance sculpture; Mona Lisa; Goebbels; Tchaikovsky; King Henry VIII of England; Kennedy assassination; Florence, Italy (architecture); ancient Egypt; Nefertiti; Barack Obama; East Germany; Tutankhamen; Millet; Reagan.

World War One; Battles; Zheng He Map; ancient Egypt; Stalin Roman empire; North Korea; Indus Valley civilisation; Japanese art; Hitler; Gorbachev; Reagan; détente; Glasnost; Bin Laden; Aztec art; alexander the great; Siva; Indian art; Propaganda posters; French resistance in World War two; World War Two Colour; David Roberts paintings of Egypt; French media illustrations, 19th-early 20th century; French empire in Africa.

David Lloyd George; World war one; European royal leaders 1914; Conquistadors; Spanish empire; world war two; Cosmos and astronomy; Robert oppenheimer; Edward teller; Solar system; ancient Egypt; ancient Persia, (Iran); Assyrian; Babylonian; and Sumerian history; Parthenon friezes; 9/11 terror attack in New york; Polynesian art; Easter island figures; Benin art; Benin doors; anthropology; palaeontology; ancient Greek art; fossils; dodo; Aztec art; Mexican history; Mycenaean history & art. 

astronomy; solar system; stellar systems; mars; ancient Greek art; Greek history; Aztecs; Parthenon friezes; Celtic art; Islamic ceramics; Buddhist art; Stonehenge; Rome; Venice; Vatican; Florence.

astronomy; solar system; stellar systems; mars; sun; ancient Egypt; Christian art; war of American impendence; Dutch history; explorers; British and French monarchs; American founding fathers; Ataturk; Rosie the riveter; Botticelli.

Stalin; Lenin; Nicholas II of Russia; Vivaldi; satellite images; climate and weather; ancient Egypt; Mycenaean; Minoan; sultans of ottoman turkey; Suleiman the magnificent; Mesoamerican culture; Hindu gods; Khmer culture; Tibetan mandalas; Buddhist art; Chinese art; ancient Greece; ancient Rome; mars; solar system; Etruscans; Karl Marx; Marxism; vintage French lifestyle; Benin culture. 

Trajan's column (Roman); European history; explorers; Spanish history; President Truman; Holocaust; James Madison; Dante;; computers; George Washington; Paris architecture; Hindu saga; Indonesia; Mussolini; Khmer art; Indian art; hindu art; African art; masks; Monet; pacific and Oceania art; coliseum; castle of St Angelo, Rome; Doors of the Baptistery, Florence; Soviet stamps; world war two (Russian perspectives); holocaust.

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